REDD - Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation

What is REDD+?

Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradations (REDD) is a scheme aimed at mitigating climate change. It can offer opportunities for strengthening indigenous communities' forest tenure and income generation. On the other hand, REDD has the potential to become yet another threat to indigenous peoples’ lands and livelihoods by supporting projects such as bio-fuel plantations and the establishment of “carbon protected areas” in indigenous peoples’ forests.

The challenge facing indigenous leaders and communities is to gain access to the tables where decisions are taken and implementation plans formulated, to critically assess the potential threats and benefits and to make informed decisions. IWGIA’s project on REDD seeks to raise awareness among indigenous communities of climate change and REDD programmes and their potential effect on their livelihoods. The project, which has been implemented in various Asian countries, is also concerned with advocacy and the training of community leaders to respond effectively to national REDD+ initiatives.

Mitigation schemes include REDD, Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, and the Clean Development Mechanism, CDM.

Raising awareness of the implications of REDD for indigenous peoples

Training for leaders is a key strategic component of IWGIA’s approach to REDD, which is being implemented in both African and Asian countries. Our projects seek to raise awareness among indigenous communities of climate change and REDD and to strengthen the capacity of their leaders to conduct advocacy work and negotiations on REDD with States. Training manuals have been developed and translated into local languages, regional training of trainers is being conducted, followed by national and local level training in the partner countries.

Web site on indigenous peoples, climate change and REDD+

One of the results of IWGIA’s engagement and support for awareness raising on the implications of REDD+ for indigenous peoples is the creation of a website with background material about REDD and indigenous rights by the Climate Change Monitoring and Information Network (CCMIN).

The website is a platform for experience sharing where indigenous peoples can post news items on REDD-related developments in their countries. In effect, the website is an important capacity building tool for our project partners and other indigenous organizations engaged in REDD activities in their countries.

Visit the Climate Change Monitoring and Information Network website here (external link)

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