IWGIA's involvement in the work of the African Commision

IWGIA has observer status with the African Commission, and IWGIA representatives are therefore able to speak in the public session. IWGIA's overall objective is to ensure that the promotion and protection of indigenous peoples' human rights is fully integrated into the work of the African Commission.

Facilitation of indigenous participation

IWGIA funds and facilitates the participation of a number of indigenous representatives in each session of the African Commission as well as in the NGO Forum taking place prior to all sessions of the ACHPR.

Participation in the ordinary sessions

IWGIA participates regularly in the ordinary sessions of the African Commission, including maintaining contact and cooperation with the Commission and NGOs, lobbying, presenting statements and monitoring the process.

Participation in the Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities

In 2001, a representative of IWGIA (Marianne Jensen) was appointed by the African Commission to serve in the Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities. IWGIA takes active part in the Working Group's activities and has provided some funding to the programme.

Support to awareness raising activities

In order to raise awareness of the African Commission's work on indigenous peoples' rights, IWGIA supports indigenous organizations to carry out awareness raising activities in their own countries. Such activities have included the production of newspaper articles and radio programmes. This allows indigenous organizations to use the African Commission as a platform to lobby for their rights in their respective countries.

Production of shadow reports

IWGIA facilitates the production of shadow reports on the human rights situation of indigenous peoples in connection with the examination of state reports in the African Commission.

Publishing and information dissemination

IWGIA informs African indigenous organizations and other interested parties about the ongoing process in the African Commission via our web page, distribution of reports, and publications. IWGIA has published a number of books, articles and thematic issues of our journal Indigenous Affairs dealing with the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights and the situation of indigenous peoples in Africa more generally. Search the publication section for relevant IWGIA publications.