12th session September 2009

14 September - 2 October 2009

During the 12th session of the Human Rights Council held in Geneva (Switzerland), reports from the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous peoples (Special Rapporteur) and the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (EMRIP) were presented. The presentation of the SR and EMRIP reports took place on Monday, 28 September. On Friday, 2 October Resolution L33, regarding the Special Rapporteur and the EMRIP, which was presented by Guatemala and Mexico and sponsored by other countries, was adopted without a vote.

The Human Rights Fund for Indigenous Peoples supported the participation of a representative from AIDESEP (Peru) and from Asociación del Pueblo Mixe (Mexico). AIDESEP’s representative presented a statement under the interactive dialogue that took place after the presentation of the Special Rappoteur’s report. In his statement he called the attention of the Council to the Peruvian Government’s lack of compliance with regard to the recommendations made by the UN Special Rapporteur in his report on his visit to Bagua.

Adelfo Regino Montes presented a joint statement on behalf of three indigenous organisations and IWGIA. In the statement the signatory organisations supported the EMRIP’s proposals and expressed the importance of the EMRIP’s mandate for the promotion of indigenous peoples’ rights in the context of the Human Rights Council and reiterated their commitment to continue collaborating and contributing to the EMRIP’s work.

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