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Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG)

The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG) is an independent government department, established as the national focal point for the promotion and protection of human rights in Tanzania.

The CHRAGG’s core functions are to promote and protect human right, including receiving and investigating complaints, conducting research, monitoring and enquiring into matters involving the violations of human rights and contravention of the principles of administrative justice, institute proceedings in court, visit and inspect places of detention, promote ratification of or accession to treaties or conventions on human rights, carrying out public education and training activities on human rights and principles of good governance, public hearings, mediations and conciliations and provide advice to the government and to other public organs and private sector institutions on specific issues relating to human rights.

Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG)
P. O. Box 2643, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 22 2135747/8