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Legal Assistance Centre (LAC)

The Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) was formed in 1988 by lawyers, church leaders, trade unionists and student leaders, to address some of the worst human rights violations experienced by Namibians during the pre-independence apartheid era.

The mission of the LAC is to contribute towards making the law accessible to those citizens to whom it is inaccessible and towards creating a democratic country with a strong human rights culture. It therefore acts as a public interest law centre addressing key and strategic challenges that could bring about the greatest impact.

The main activities of LAC include to: Conduct research to support responsible law reform; conduct advocacy and lobbying activities to support responsible law reform; conduct training activities to support public awareness on human rights issues; and produce educational materials on human rights.

Those assisted by the LAC are generally the most vulnerable and marginalised i.e. women, children, impoverished persons and people with disabilities.

Legal Assistance Centre (LAC)
Legal Assistance Centre, 4 Marien Ngouabi Street, Windhoek, Namibia, PO Box 604,