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Observatorio Ciudadano

Observatorio Ciudadano is a non-governmental organisation working to defend, promote and document human rights. It was created in September 2004, in Temuco, as the “Observatory of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights” by a group of people from different parts of the country, of different professions and with different ethnic backgrounds.

The organisation works to document, research, report and monitor human rights violations affecting the local peoples and communities, with a focus on collective rights. All work in support and defence of local peoples and communities is aimed at protecting their human rights.

Observatorio Ciudadano, Antonio Varas 428 Temuco, Chile Fono: +56 (45) 213963 Fax: +56 (45) 218353
Fono: +56 (45) 213963 Fax: +56 (45) 218353