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Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT)

Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT), is a grassroots organization founded in 2009 whose mission is to foster social, economic and environmental justice in the Lake Turkana Basin. FoLT aims to protect and conserve
Lake Turkana, the Lake Turkana Basin and its environment; advocate for the rights of the Turkana Basin communities; increase the participation of communities in environmental protection policy formulation, sustainable management and wise use of natural resources and lobby for increased participation of communities in the development and governance of their resources.

FoLT delivers training to local people and communities who are directly affected to investigate, expose and combat environmental degradation and associated human rights abuses and focuses on campaigning to raise international awareness on the issues affecting the lake and its eco system as well as the peace issues affecting the Lake Turkana communities as well as the neighboring communities.

Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT)
PO box 565-30500. Turkana, Kenya.
+254 (20) 268-5120