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About IWGIA’s publications

Over the past 45 years, IWGIA has published one of the most comprehensive collections of documentation and reflection on indigenous peoples' struggle for survival and recognition. IWGIA continues to be at the forefront of reflecting the most significant issues of concern to indigenous peoples.

IWGIA publishes the yearbook “The Indigenous World”/ “El Mundo Indígena” every year in May. Besides that, we publish books, handbooks, human rights reports and a growing number of videos. 

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Solid documentation is a precondition for making indigenous peoples’ situation and aspirations more visible, and generating debate on abuses of indigenous peoples’ human rights, as well as formulating inputs to new national and international policies and programs aimed at the promotion or restitution of their rights.

IWGIA's publications thus contribute to our overall aim of supporting indigenous peoples. Our publications document the human rights and overall situation of indigenous peoples, promote indigenous rights and facilitate and provide for discussions, influence decision makers and put indigenous issues on the agenda of governments, NGOs, the corporate business world, and international institutions such as the UN, OAS and the ACHPR. They also nurture discussions within academic and intellectual fora and contribute to indigenous peoples' capacity building and sharing of experience.

IWGIA's publications are published on a non-profit basis and are written by indigenous and non-indigenous scholars and activists on a voluntary basis.

We publish mainly in English and Spanish but our list of publications also includes titles in French, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Tagalok, Russian, Hindi, Danish and others.

Our readers are NGO activists, politicians, and scholars working with indigenous issues as well as indigenous activists and organisations, individuals and communities.

IWGIA's publications are distributed to our worldwide network of indigenous organisations and by professional distributors in North America, the United Kingdom and Peru.

Most of IWGIA's publications can be purchased via our webshop. Most issues of "The Indigenous World" and "Indigenous Affairs" can also be downloaded from our website as can many of our books and reports.