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IWGIA's Project support

IWGIA supports a few large-scale and a number of smaller projects throughout the world.

Generally the projects aim at empowering indigenous peoples and to build and develop their own organisations and define their own future. Capacity building, education and/or legal assistance in asserting human rights, land rights and right to sustainable development are the main components of IWGIA's projects.

We mainly support projects dealing with:

Financial support is only one element in the collaboration with the implementing partners. Often project activities are integrated with publishing, conferences and human rights activities.

Network of indigenous organisations

IWGIA has established a network of indigenous and non-indigenous organisations and people. The relationship to each organisation is founded on the creation of an equal partnership based on thorough knowledge and respect. Partnerships with indigenous organisations are built up through close contact and regular networking trips are undertaken both by indigenous persons and by IWGIA's project co-ordinators. It is important for IWGIA that indigenous persons and others with a solid knowledge of the peoples and issues are involved in such activities. Focus is therefore put on involving indigenous researchers, experts and leaders in IWGIA's activities.

Guidelines for project work

Read more about IWGIA's guidelines for project work and download IWGIA's project manuals.

Projects in the regions

IWGIA has projects in the following regions: Africa, Asia, and South America.