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IWGIA's overall guidelines for project work

Key principles

It is a key principle in IWGIA' s project work that projects must be identified, designed and implemented by indigenous organizations themselves. In order to ensure local ownership and long-term sustainability of the projects. Participation in all phases of the project from the very identification of needs to the design, implementation and finalization of the project, is crucial for the success of a project.

Assesment of applications

Project applications are assessed by the responsible project coordinators and the IWGIA project committee. Included in the assessment phase is close dialogue with the applying organizations on necessary clarifications, adjustments etc. in order to develop the final project documents.

IWGIA maintains close contact with the implementing organisations

IWGIA does not employ expatriates at the projects. Instead a close contact (via e-mail, telephone and personal visits from IWGIA) is maintained with the implementing indigenous organizations in order to continuously monitor project implementation and keep a dialogue on experiences gained, needs for adjustments etc. When necessary, local non-indigenous consultants can be employed to give advice to the implementing organizations.

IWGIA supports a wide range of indigenous organizations

IWGIA renders project support to a wide range of indigenous organizations ranging from comparatively big, strong and well-consolidated organizations to small organizations with limited capacity and the contact and assistance to the organizations is adjusted accordingly.

IWGIA has no local field offices

IWGIA's head office is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and there are no local field offices. However, a person from IWGIA has been stationed for a period in Bolivia. At the moment a person from the secretariat is stationed in Thailand with the purpose of strengthening the steadily growing Asia project work.

Project manual for partners

IWGIA has published a manual on project preparation and implementation which guides our partners through project cooperation with IWGIA. The manual describes the working procedures involved in handling a project - IWGIA's own work procedure as well as the requirements for partners. Volume 1 contains guidelines for planning a new project and developing a proposal. Volume 2 provides formats and guidelines for report writing and accounting during project implementation and in the closing phase. 

Download IWGIA's project manual - English version vol. 1 (PDF)

Download IWGIA's project manual - English version vol. 2 (PDF)