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IWGIA's Organisational Structure

The Board

The international board is the highest governing body of the organization.

Three members of the board are elected by the members of IWGIA, three members are appointed by the board and one member is elected from among the secretariat staff.

IWGIA's Board 2017 comprise of:

  • Knud Vilby (Chair)
  • Chris Tooley (Vice-chair)
  • Karen Bundgaard Andersen 
  • Marianne Lykke Thomsen 
  • Diana Vinding
  • Tyge Lehmann 
  • Laila Susanne Vars 

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The Secretariat

IWGIA's international secretariat is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The secretariat is responsible for administration and coordination of IWGIA's activities and for the dissemination of information about indigenous affairs.

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IWGIA is a work group, the core of which is an active membership base. Members pay an annual fee. Membership follows the calendar year.

Once every second year, all members are called for a Members’ Meeting where members get the opportunity to express their views with regard to the work of the Board and the organization. The Members’ Meeting has consultative status and is an advisory body to the Board.

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