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Kenya: Video on pastoralist communities’ mobilization in the face of extractive industries

September 3 2014

This short video shows how the pastoralist communities in Laikipia, Samburu and Isiolo in Kenya came together to raise awareness about the situation of their access to water from the Ewaso Ngiro River that will be gravely affected by a planned mega dam. 

Young and old joined in a caravan that moved across some of the roughest terrain in Kenya. The aim of the caravan was to draw attention to the issue of indigenous peoples’ rights in the face of extractive industries and business.

Having access to water is essential to the pastoralist communities as they need it for both drinking and watering of their livestock. The communities are currently experiencing an 80% drop of the water level in the Ewaso Ngiro River and what little water is left is polluted by industrial and farming/horticulture projects along the river.