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The role of Kechua Lamas midwives in Peru

March 6 2015
A radio series interview with Kechua Lamas midwives describing the transmission of ancestral knowledge and the role they play in strengthening the cultural continuity of their people.

The Kechua Lamas are an indigenous people living in the San Martin region of the Peruvian Amazon. The local midwives play a vital role in the endurance of their cultural heritage by carrying on traditional practices. They are the godmothers and advisors during pregnancy and childbirth, and throughout the parenting process they continue to put into practice knowledge that has been passed on by their ancestors.

In this series produced by the Waman Wasi organization, we will learn how the Kechua Lamas value and conserve their ancestral traditions through their midwives (in Spanish only):

You can listen to more stories about indigenous women on Radio Encuentros, IWGIA’s online, Spanish radio platform.