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Komi leader Nikolai Rochev: My dream of prosperity without oil

May 18 2015
Russian indigenous leader cautions Inuit about resource development

My name is Nikolay. I am of the Komi peoples and come from the region of the same name in the north of Russia. I will soon be visiting Canada and the city of Iqaluit in the lands of the Nunavummiut for the first time.

I used to teach geography and have studied about Inuit lands and the Canadian Arctic. I am not visiting only to meet my Inuit brothers and sisters and enjoy the wonders of this great country, but also to share the story of my people.

I wish I came here with an uplifting tale but that is unfortunately not the case. Instead it is a story of despair, of betrayal and of dismay. It is a cautionary tale, but at the same time a desperate cry for help.

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