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Danish development expert and indigenous Maori new board chairs for IWGIA

January 25 2017
A new IWGIA board has been constituted, while an interim management team takes over the leadership of the secretariat due to Elsebeth Krogh’s resignation as director.

A new board has been constituted in the second week of January 2017 following the planned replacement of board members whose term had come to an end.

New chairman of the board is Knud Vilby, an experienced Danish journalist and development consultant. Knud Vilby has been sitting in the IWGIA board since 2015. New vice chairman of the board Chris Tooley, indigenous Maori from New Zealand, holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and is researching on the topic of self-determination.

Knud Vilby and Chris Tooley will be joined by former Danish diplomat Tyge Lehmann, Diana Vinding, Marianne Lykke Thomsen, Karen Bundgaard Andersen, and staff representative Signe Leth.

New chairman, Knud Vilby, is pleased to continue his work for IWGIA in the newly constituted board:

“The new board has a strong combination of skills and interests. And we are all dedicated to both ensure stability and continuation of the on-going processes in IWGIA.”

You can read more about the new board members on our website.

New interim management team

At the secretariat, programme coordinators Lola García-Alix and Kathrin Wessendorf together with head of administrations Søren Juul Aarslev take over the leadership of IWGIA’s secretariat in the wake of Elsebeth Krogh’s resignation as director.

Elsebeth Krogh will join the Danish Institute for Human Rights as Department Director for Human Rights Systems from the 1st of February, where the new management team will take over.

Kathrin Wessendorf says: “I regret the resignation of Elsebeth Krogh. Still, the management team and the secretariat will continue the good work. We are definitely not at a standstill, but really motivated to take the organisational processes to the next level.”
Lola García-Alix, IWGIA’s human rights coordinator since 1990, acted as director from 2007-2014, while Kathrin Wessendorf, climate change programme coordinator, has been working for IWGIA since 2000.
The interim management team is thus fully competent to manage the secretariat to ensure continuation of IWGIA’s current work.

Any question concerning the organisational changes can be directed to Knud Vilby, chairman of the board, telephone +45 60 73 22 43.