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Experts discuss Indigenous Peoples and Global Goals at IWGIA

May 11 2017
Do you want to know how the Global Goals can work for indigenous peoples? Then join our event in Copenhagen Monday 15 May.  

How can the Global Goals ensure that the world’s 370 million indigenous peoples will not be left behind? Can the Global Goals promote indigenous peoples’ contribution to sustainable development? And how can we reach the goals, when rights and international principles are still being ignored?   

These are some of the questions that our panel of experts will answer, when IWGIA invites to a panel debate Monday 15 May on indigenous peoples and the global goals in Copenhagen.

The session will be moderated by IWGIA’s new director Julie Koch, and the panel includes the following speakers:

Knud Vilby, chairman of IWGIA’s board, contributes with his critical analysis and experiences from 50 years of working with foreign affairs and development cooperation.

Chris Tooley, vice chairman of IWGIA’s board, brings in his experiences as a Maori and his extensive research on the right to self-determination with case studies from New Zealand, Canada and Palestine. He has been Chief Advisor for the Minister for Maori Affairs in the Parliament of New Zealand.

Laila Susanne Vars, institutional member of IWGIA’s board representing Norway’s Human Rights Institute, adds her perspectives as a Sami lawyer. Laila Susanne Vars has researched thoroughly on indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination and has a Ph.D. from Tromsø University. As an expert member of the UN Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, she guides the UN Human Rights Council on indigenous peoples’ rights  

Lola Garcia-Alix, coordinator of IWGIA’s international advocacy programme, tells about IWGIA’s work with the online data tool, the Indigenous Navigator, and shares her take on the last 25 years of working with indigenous peoples and global development goals.    

We will also invite you to a glass of wine and some snacks after the panel debate. If you wish to join, please send us an e-mail at no later than Friday 12 May.

WHAT: Debate on Indigenous Peoples and Global Goals

WHERE: IWGIA, Classensgade 11 E, 2100 København Ø

WHEN: Monday 15 May 18-19.00