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New IWGIA Report on isolated indigenous peoples in Brazil

April 18 2011
Recently, IWGIA has released the report “Isolados no Brasil”. The publication presents the current knowledge about the indigenous peoples in the Brazilian Amazon who live in isolation or have only sporadic contact with surrounding communities. Moreover, the report recommends a number of immediate measures to protect these indigenous peoples’ survival.

46 of a total of 100 isolated indigenous peoples in Latin America are living in the Brazilian rainforest. There is also indigenous peoples in isolation or with sporadic or initial contact to national society in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela. Brazil is the only Latin American country which has a government body working for the protection of indigenous peoples in isolation. Therefore, Brazil has a unique experience in this field.

The report is written in Portuguese. It presents working practices, legal frameworks and public policies in Brazil and the experiences from more than 22 years of working with indigenous peoples in isolation.

The report is number six in a series of seven country reports on indigenous peoples in isolation in Latin America. The next report in the series will be on Colombia. All reports can be downloaded or bought from IWGIAs homepage. Most of the reports are in Spanish while a few has been translated into English.