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Indigenous peoples' rights in the context of the World Heritage Convention. The role of IUCN

December 20 2011
"UNESCO's Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention, as well as IUCN's internal procedures as an Advisory Body to the World Heritage Committee, are inadequate for fulfilling the requirements of UNDRIP and the resolutions of the World Conservation Congress." write Stefan Disco (IWGIA) and Helen Tugendhat (FPP) in the recent 9th issue of the CEESP Newsletter.

"Rather than taking a discrete, less vocal approach, IUCN should join institutions such as EMRIP and the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in demanding improvements to the Operational Guidelines, so that the implementation of the World Heritage Convention is consistent with the UNDRIP. Additionally, IUCN should be outspoken when indigenous peoples' rights, or human rights generally, are violated in the implementation of the Convention. As an official Advisory Body IUCN is not only in a unique position to highlight these issues, but also has an obligation to do so."

Read the full article Written by Stefan Disko (International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs), TILCEPA member and Helen Tugendhat ( Forest Peoples Programme) on IUCN's website here (external link)