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Indigenous Film Festival: call for entries 2012

May 3 2012
2012 Call For Entries for the XI International indigenous film and video festival in Colombia (Festival Internacional de Cine y Video de los Pueblos Indígenas)

I.Awards and Eligibility

We welcome the individual and collective participation of indigenous and non-indigenous people, professionals, amateurs and others interested in the audiovisual field. The same author may submit up to 2 works.

The participation of works in the XI Festival will be voluntary and free (no registration fee required).

Award Criteria:

Films and videos will be selected and awarded on the basis of the following criteria. [Works that]: * Best reflect the rights of indigenous peoples/first nations and peasants to freedom and self determination.
* Promote the respect and dignity of indigenous peoples.
* Alert and denounce the violation of rights, persecution and genocide suffered by indigenous peoples
* Promote gender equality and the rights of indigenous women.
* Contribute to the strengthening of indigenous identity and culture.
* Highlight the cultural expressions in situations of loss and/or assimilation.
* Contribute to organizational processes and struggles of indigenous peoples.
* Express the notion of development from the indigenous perspective.
* Promote intercultural dialogue.
* Defend the right to communication and the creative use of narrative and aesthetic resources.

About The Awards

The following awards are in consideration:
* Defense of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
* Preservation of Cultural Identity and Indigenous Peoples
* Socio-Organizational Process of Indigenous Peoples
* Best Fiction with Indigenous Participation
* Gender Equity and Indigenous Women's Rights
* Creation and Contribution to Indigenous Narrative
* Testimonial and Documentary Value
* Best Television SeriesPrizes will be awarded in works of Indigenous art and/or equipment.

We do not rule out the possibility of awards with monetary expression. Similarly, Mentions may be awarded as the Jury deems necessary as an incentive to creation and production processes.


Date of Production of Works
All submissions must have been made after January 1, 2010, and did not participate in the X International Festival of Film and Video of Indigenous Peoples, held in Ecuador in 2010.

The productions to be presented at the XI Festival may address and/or contain one or more issues related to the history, culture, reality, struggles and aspirations of the indigenous native peoples, such as:

Identity / History/Land and Territory/Rights of Indigenous Peoples/ Indigenous Medicine / Child Labor/ Education/ Political Participation/ Women/ Ecology/Worldview.

*Productions that directly promote political parties or governmental or non-governmental institutions or works or that promote commercial products will not be considered.

The time duration of each production is open.

Mini DV, DVCAM, DVD, HDV. Also be accepted celluloid film format (16mm or 35mm) (see Application Form).

Preferably, the works must be submitted in NTSC, but other systems/formats are accepted. For DVD shipments, multizone format is accepted.

The genres accepted in this event are: Fiction, Docu-Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Video Art/ Music Videos (clips), Experimental Video, Television Programme. (see Application Form).

III. Online Registration Form

Register online with the submission form (in English/Spanish/Portuguese)

Alternatively write to: - and we will attach the form to send along with your work.

Please send all work with the corresponding submission form.

Registration, photographs and other promotional material/ translations, etc.., should be addressed
mailed in a sealed envelope with the express written information about the cultural content: "Has no commercial value, material for a cultural event "to the following address:

Comité Organizador del XI Festival Internacional de Cine y Video de los Pueblos Indígenas
Calle 12 B # 4-38, Barrio Candelaria Centro
Bogota, Colombia, South America.

Deadline: MAY 21, 2012

DONATION OF SUBMITTED COPIES Materials sent to the festival will considered as a donation for the non-profit audiovisual archive of the Indigenous Peoples Colombia and to CLACPI. Special authorizations are requested in the Registration Form.