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Indigenous peoples' rights taught at South African University

September 20 2012
On the 10-14 September 2012, the Human Rights Centre at the University of Pretoria, held an intensive one-week course on the rights of indigenous peoples.

The course which is the only university course on the issue of indigenous peoples in Africa was done in collaboration with the African Commission’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities with the financial support of IWGIA and ILO.

It was attended by more than 40 participants from Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal and Indonesia, representing governmental institutions, national human rights institutions, civil society organizations, academics and law students.

The lecturers were all well known experts on the topic and the Course touch upon subjects such as:

-Recognition and identification of indigenous peoples: definitional and conceptual issues
-The legal instrument on indigenous peoples rights
- The African human rights system and the African Commission’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities
-The inter-American Commission human rights system and indigenous peoples’ rights
-The ILO Conventions relevant to indigenous peoples
-The UN mechanisms, the UN treaty bodies and UPR process and their relevance for indigenous peoples
-UN discussion on business and human rights
-Land environment and natural resources
-Gender equality
-Indigenous children and education
-Self-determination, consultation and participation, and free prior and informed consent of indigenous peoples
-The Endorois case as a practical illustration of vindicating the rights of indigenous peoples

In addition the African Commission’s documentary film: “A Question of Justice - Indigenous Peoples Rights in Africa” was shown and discussed.

The Course which has been conducted since 2011 is very appreciated by the participants and it should be repeated every year in September.

For more information please refer to the Human Rights Centre of the University of Pretoria’s website