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Indonesia: Indicative Map of Indigenous Territories Launched

January 30 2014
A new indicative map provides alternative information on indigenous peoples’ claims regarding their existence and hereditary rights in the Philippines.

According to Kasmita Widodo, the National Coordinator of The Indonesian Network for Participatory Mapping (Jaringan Kerja Pemetaan Partisipatif, JKPP) the indicative map is ‘live’ in the sense that its data will change every year in accordance with correction and input from various parties.

‘By launching this indicative map of indigenous territories, we want to push the State to immediately conduct indigenous territories participatory mapping as well since this is basically one of the State’s task,” said Widodo.

The Indonesian Network for Participatory Mapping (JKPP) launched the indicative map of indigenous territories in Indonesia during a seminar on “Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development (MP3EI) and Living Space Sovereignty of Rural People of the Archipelago” in Bogor 29 January.

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click image to view full size map at the website of AMAN

The indicative map of indigenous territories was an initiative of JKPP and Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago (Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara, AMAN), Simpul Pemetaan, SEKALA, UKP4, Ford Foundation and Samdhana Institute.

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