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December 6 2016
"Cantos desde el Guamúchil", one of the co-productions of IWGIA’s radio platform, has won an award from the 11th International Radio Biennial in Mexico. The radio series presents the stories of indigenous women who have been unfairly incarcerated in Mexico. Over nine programs, indigenous women share, in their own words, their experiences of access to justice and how literature empowered their resilience from inside jail.

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November 29 2016

Residents prepare for the first stage of the demolition. Photo: Adalah
Israeli forces have earmarked for complete destruction of Atir-Umm al-Hiran, an indigenous Bedouin village in the Negev, southern Israel.

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November 24 2016
During the 2016 United Nations’ Forum on Business and Human Rights we took the chance to reflect about the importance of participation in international forums with our long-standing partner Johnson Ole Kaunga. He is the Director of Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation (IMPACT) in Kenya and this was the first time he attended the forum. Kaunga highlights the relevance of addressing investors and the United Nations’ Human Rights bodies with ex...

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November 24 2016

Photo: A. Golden/Flickr
IWGIA strongly condemns the disproportionate militarization and use of force by police against Standing Rock protestors in North Dakota (USA), who are demanding a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline construction.

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November 10 2016

Siberians appeal to the world to help save the Shor people

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November 8 2016
Today IWGIA and Kapaeeng Foundation will be demanding for the inclusion and respect of indigenous women and girls’ rights in Bangladesh at CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women).

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November 7 2016
From IWGIA we extend our deepest condolences for the death of Rodolfo Stavenhagen, which have also been expressed by many institutions, academics and indigenous organisations.

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November 3 2016

Danish politicians engage in the panel debate. Photo/Jonas Schmidt Hansen
With less than a week ahead for COP 22 and the Paris Agreement entering into force, IWGIA fosters the debate about the relevance of including indigenous peoples’ rights in all climate change actions.

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November 2 2016
Last week during the 59th Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) in Gambia, the African Year of Human Rights was commemorated with a panel conference focused on women’s rights. As part of this activity, IWGIA’s partner Samburu Women Trust (SWT) presented the challenges that Samburu women face in Kenya.

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October 27 2016

Photo: Mass meeting Saranda Forest Peoples Movement in September 2016
A decade after the passing of the Forest Rights Act, the book by indigenous rights activits Gladson Dungdung “Adivasi and Forest Rights: Grassroots reality of Forest rights in Jharkhand” documents how government agencies, industry lobby and even the Naxal insurgentes have worked deliberately against the implementation of the Forest Rights Act of 2006. The Forest Rights Act was expected to undo historial injustice for indigenous peoples of India. Instead, in many states, su...

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October 27 2016
As documented in many publications produced by IWGIA, pastoralism is a livelihood system, which is uniquely adapted to very harsh and dry environments. Most of indigenous peoples in Africa are pastoralists, meaning that they are constantly moving to sustain their herds and feed themselves. Their right to practice and maintain this lifestyle is endangered due to displacement and conflicts triggered by competition over natural resources.   In a video produced by the Coalition of E...

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October 17 2016

Photo: Ambassador Kai Sauer (Finland), Dr. Claire Winfield Ngamihi Charters (Pacific region), President of the UN General Assembly Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, Ambassador Martha Ama Akyaa Pobbee (Ghana) and Professor James Anaya (North American region).
As an initiative of the Saami Parliament of Norway, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) and the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA), a Dialogue Meeting on enhanced indigenous peoples’ participation at the UN will take place 11-12 November 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. The dialogue is an attempt to initiate a dialogue between indigenous peoples representatives/experts and the two indigenous advisors (Prof James Anaya and Dr. Claire Charters) on the specific issue...

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October 4 2016
On Sunday 2 October, with a margin of less than 60.000 votes, the peace agreement between the government and the Farc guerilla to end 52 years of civil war in Colombia was turned down. The indigenous movement, representing one of the populations most affected by violence and displacement, recommended the peace deal and now demands that peace be consolidated with the full participation of all sectors of society - not least those that have borne the brunt of the violence

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October 3 2016
IWGIA and the Danish NGO Forests of the World will hold a conference at the Danish Parliament next October 27th . The conference will focus on Denmark’s commitments and responsibility to protect climate, halt deforestation and ensure indigenous peoples’ rights within the frameworks of the new global initiatives. The conference is open for the public and Danish politicians, civil society and academia are invited to engage in the debate.

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October 2 2016
Today it is up to the Colombian people to choose between war and peace. A public referendum will decide the fate of the Peace Agreement, which after 4 years of negotiation was signed between the Government and the left-wing guerrilla movement Farc on Monday

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September 19 2016

Photo: Colectivo Sinestesia/ IUCN
Earlier this month at the World Conservation Congress (IUCN) in Hawaii, state, government and civil society members adopted key decisions boosting support for indigenous peoples’ rights. IWGIA welcomes these recent resolutions strengthening the presence and role of indigenous organisations in the IUCN.

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September 17 2016

Nenets reindeer herder camp during summer
On Yamal Peninsula, the administration has announced that it wants to slaughter 250,000 of the currently 700,000 reindeer living on the peninsula. At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources is speeding up the development of new gas fields in the Arctic. Between June and September, a subsidiary of Russia’s second gas producer "NOVATEK" has received 4 licenses for areas located on the Yamal and Gydan Peninsulas in the region. Many herders may lose their means of ex...

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September 13 2016
Vil du være med til at gøre en forskel for indfødte folk i hele verden ? IWGIA søger økonomimedarbejder 30 timer/uge.

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September 7 2016

Source: Association of Indigenous Peoples of Taimyr
At the world's largest nickel mine and smelter, Norilsk Nickel on Taimyr peninsula in Norther Siberia, a severe pipeline spill has occured. Taimyr is home to some 20,000 indigenous Dolgans and Nenets, most of which depend on reindeer herding, hunting, fishing and gathering for their survival. The industrial city of Norilsk with some 200,000 inhabitants located in the peninsula although administratively separate from it, is considered one of the world's most polluted cities. A...

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September 1 2016

Emergency Response Team to Naga Region
The deadly measles virus has been affecting indigenous peoples in the Naga Self-Administered Zone since the beginning of June 2016. Many children have been reported dead and Naga activists denounce that the government is not containing the outbreak. Up until today, the confirmed deaths have risen up to 82 and support is not reaching isolated villages.

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August 31 2016

Photo: UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
By Victoria Tauli-Corpuz
Conservation of bio-diversity appears to come at a price. But who really bears this cost? The current friction which exists between conservation policies and indigenous communities is evident in the experiences of the Sengwer and Ogiek peoples in Kenya. Cherangani Hills in western Kenya, is home to several indigenous peoples including the Sengwer community. However, Kenya's conservation policies have resulted in alienation of indigenous peoples from their lands. "We have been facing...

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August 11 2016
One of IWGIA’s partners in Asia, the filmmaker Tapan Bose, has produced a new documentary on the historic struggle of the Adivasi in India. The film was screened in Delhi on the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

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August 9 2016

Photo: Alejandro Parellada / IWGIA ©
This year’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is devoted to the right to education. At IWGIA we think it is a good opportunity to reflect on how the education gap between indigenous peoples and mainstream populations affects indigenous peoples’ lives. Therefore we would like to share with you the main challenges that they encounter for fully enjoying the right to quality education, which are rooted in the limitation to establish and control their own education systems.

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August 8 2016
The World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education (WIPCE) is an international gathering held every three years. WIPCE attracts highly regarded experts and scholars in Indigenous education engaging approximately 4000 Indigenous representatives from First Nations (Canada), Native Americans (USA), Aborigines (Australia), Maori (New Zealand), Ainu (Japan), Sami (Norway) and more. WIPCE is the largest and most diverse Indigenous education venue in the world. The conference continues to l...

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July 29 2016

Reindeer on the Nenets tundra. Photo: Thomas Nilsen
Thomas Nilsen, The Barents Observer
Reindeer grassing at an old burial place for diseased animals that died long ago are believed to cause Russia’s largest outbreak of anthrax in decades.

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