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February 15 2017
In Bangladesh and India, indigenous communities are protesting against governments’ plans to expropriate their land. In 2016 several people were killed during protests.

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February 6 2017

One of the houses demolished in Jharkhand, India.
47 houses owned by the Adivasis have been razed in another attempt from the Jharkhand Forest Department, local police and the so-called forest mafia to evict the Adivasis from their land. Over 200 Adivasi villagers have been directly affected by the violent attempts to overtake the land and natural resources. To support the Adivasis and raise attention to the land rights violations, IWGIA has shared an urgent alert with relevant authorities and embassies in India. Here IWGIA calls on...

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November 10 2016

Siberians appeal to the world to help save the Shor people

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November 8 2016
Today IWGIA and Kapaeeng Foundation will be demanding for the inclusion and respect of indigenous women and girls’ rights in Bangladesh at CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women).

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October 27 2016

Photo: Mass meeting Saranda Forest Peoples Movement in September 2016
A decade after the passing of the Forest Rights Act, the book by indigenous rights activits Gladson Dungdung “Adivasi and Forest Rights: Grassroots reality of Forest rights in Jharkhand” documents how government agencies, industry lobby and even the Naxal insurgentes have worked deliberately against the implementation of the Forest Rights Act of 2006. The Forest Rights Act was expected to undo historial injustice for indigenous peoples of India. Instead, in many states, su...

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September 1 2016

Emergency Response Team to Naga Region
The deadly measles virus has been affecting indigenous peoples in the Naga Self-Administered Zone since the beginning of June 2016. Many children have been reported dead and Naga activists denounce that the government is not containing the outbreak. Up until today, the confirmed deaths have risen up to 82 and support is not reaching isolated villages.

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August 11 2016
One of IWGIA’s partners in Asia, the filmmaker Tapan Bose, has produced a new documentary on the historic struggle of the Adivasi in India. The film was screened in Delhi on the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

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May 2 2016
By Signe Leth and Cæcilie Mikkelsen/IWGIA
Seminar on indigenous women in Bangladesh makes it clear that there is still a lot to be done all the way from community level to the national level before men and women can enjoy equal rights

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May 2 2016
AIPP & JOAS press release 1 May 2016
Jannie Lasimbang, a prominent human rights and indigenous rights leader, is set to go to trial 3-4 May 2016 at the Kota Kinabalu Magistrate Court. The prosecution of Lasimbang has drawn criticism and over 100 civil society organization from around the world which signed a petition condemning the ongoing judicial harassment and intimidation against Lasimbang.

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April 25 2016
In the wake of the signing of the Transpacific Partnership Agreement TPP on 4 February 2016, human rights experts gather in Lima, Peru. On 25 and 26 April 2016, two Special Rapporteurs of the United Nations and two Commissioners of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) will participate in a seminar on Free Trade Agreements, Bilateral Investment Treaties and Large Scale Investment Projects and their Impacts on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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April 18 2016
The situation in Bangladesh is critical in terms of peace, stability, a fair and just legal system as well as the respect for human rights - indigenous peoples’ rights being no exception. This is among the conclusions of two newly published reports by the indigenous peoples’ rights organisation Kapaeeng Foundation and the International Crisis Group.

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November 6 2015

Indigenous wet-rice padi fields in Chin State, Myanmar. Photo by Christian Erni/IWGIA
By Chris Erni and Cæcilie Mikkelsen
Myanmar’s parliament was expected to pass a new national land-use policy before the general elections of 8 November 2015. However, this has not happened. Thus, a key policy decision which would pave the way for more social justice in rights to land and resources, and as part of this the recognition of customary rights of indigenous peoples, has been postponed

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October 26 2015
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact calls for greater respect for the rights of indigenous peoples in its comments on the draft Environmental and Social Framework of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The comments endorsed by 119 organizations from 27 countries include recommendations for stronger safeguard for indigenous peoples

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October 16 2015

"Freedom for Nikiforov", Source:
Sergey Nikiforov to be sent to to maximum security penal colony
On September 29, a City court in Blagoveshchensk, the capital of Russia’s Amur region has sentenced Sergey Nikiforov, former head of the village council of Ivanovskoye, Selemdzhinski district, to 5 years in penal colony and a fine of 16 million roubles under charges of bribery. Villagers, most of them indigenous Evenks believe that the charges are fabricated. Nikiforov had been leading the village’s protests against gold mining on Evenk ancestral territories. The British ba...

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September 29 2015

Indigenous peoples' epresentatives from 12 Asian countries gathered at the Regional Preperatory Meeting for the COP21
Indigenous  peoples  from  12  countries  in  Asia  held  a  Regional  Preparatory  Meeting  for the 21st Session of the UN Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP21) from 16-­18  September 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The countries include Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Lao PDR, Taiwan/China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, The Philippines  and Vietnam.

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September 24 2015
Indigenous residents of Ivanovskoye village in Selemdzhinski District in  Amur Region in Russia's Far East are outraged by the plans of a UK based gold mining company to start an open cast gold mine less than two kilometres from their village without their consent. I village gathering held 10 September, they vowed to defend their territories and threatened road blocks to stop the company from carrying out their plans. On 10 July, the villager had held an initial gathering where th...

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September 15 2015

Indigenous Khanty urge governor to protect their rights against abuse by oil companies

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August 25 2015

Photo courtesy of
Though an exact figure is unavailable, the media report up until 10 PM Kathmandu time on Monday night, 21 security personnel and 4 protestors, including top police officer and a two-year-old boy have been killed in Tikapur municipality in Kailali Districts in far-western regions in Nepal

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July 15 2015

Khanty Elder Sergey Kechimov
UPDATE: YOU CAN NOW SIGN A PETITION DEMANDING TO STOP THE PERSECUTION OF SERGEY KECHIMOVIn West Siberia’s Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, an indigenous Khanty elder, who is the keeper of the sacred lake Imlor, is facing up to two years behind bars after defending himself and his reindeer against stray dogs which had been illegally brought into the area by oil workers. Criminal charges against Sergey Vasilyevich Kechimov were filed 13 January 2015 with the Magistrates Court of S...

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June 18 2015

Around 350 Khumi people have been forced to flee their homes, 141 of whom are under the age of 18. (photo by CHRO)
By: Chin Human Rights Organization
Members of an isolated community in Chin State have suffered human rights abuses and been forced to flee their homes due to recent outbreaks of fighting in the state’s south.

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May 28 2015

Dead fish in Pomr bay
Indigenous residents of Nekrasovka village in the North of Sakhalin island are desparate. This winter, the largely fish-dependent community has seen large-scale fish kill in the nearby Pomr bay, their traditional fishing ground. As a result, the population of the village located on the shore of the Bay, has remained without salmon trout and smelt and thus without a livelihood. People are forced to go fishing on the Baikal Bay, 20 km away from the village. The exact cause of the disaste...

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May 8 2015
Appeal from IWGIA's long term partner Lahurnip to

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April 27 2015

Sopochin & Kechimov reindeer herders (Photo: Greenpeace Russia)
"This is the last piece of land where we can feed our reindeer."

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April 7 2015

Logo: Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival
Annemiek Wilson / IWGIA
The Indigenous Film Archive recently opened the call for submissions for the annual Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival.

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March 30 2015

Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. IWGIA archive photo.
The International Chittagong Hill Tracts Commission (CHTC) released a press statement on Monday condemning the recent attack on its chairman and the violence in Babuchara, Dighinala, which allegedly left six indigenous people and four army personnel injured. The convoy of CHTC Chairman, Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma, who is also president of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS), was attacked on 11 March 2015. In anticipation of Larma’s visit, a 72-hour strike was...

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