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May 4 2017
Tomorrow we are bringing a relevant issue on access to justice and redress to the 16th session of UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues with our partners ONAMIAP and FIMI: sterilisation of indigenous women in Peru. During the side event, the President of ONAMIAP Ketty Marcelo López will brief the participants about the cases and present a sneak peek of a new documentary on the issue produced by IWGIA.A relevant debate on indigenous women’s rights From 1996 to...

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April 28 2017
Pamela Leiva Jacquelín / IWGIA
The 16th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues brought more than 1,000 indigenous representatives from all over the world and also a new achievement for indigenous peoples: the first ever indigenous media zone.

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February 15 2017
In the Ngorongoro district of Tanzania, indigenous women are getting organised. They don’t want to be kept out of decision-making processes - they want to be heard and respected.

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December 6 2016
"Cantos desde el Guamúchil", one of the co-productions of IWGIA’s radio platform, has won an award from the 11th International Radio Biennial in Mexico. The radio series presents the stories of indigenous women who have been unfairly incarcerated in Mexico. Over nine programs, indigenous women share, in their own words, their experiences of access to justice and how literature empowered their resilience from inside jail.

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November 2 2016
Last week during the 59th Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) in Gambia, the African Year of Human Rights was commemorated with a panel conference focused on women’s rights. As part of this activity, IWGIA’s partner Samburu Women Trust (SWT) presented the challenges that Samburu women face in Kenya.

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May 11 2016
Press Release
IWGIA and IDSN call on the participants in the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen to address discrimination against hundreds of millions of Dalit and indigenous women. COPENHAGEN, 11 MAY 2016 --- When leaders and activists from all over the world gather in Copenhagen next week to focus on the health and human rights of girls and women, their discussions must include two large groups that suffer extreme social exclusion and marginalisation, the International Work Group for Indigeno...

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May 2 2016
By Signe Leth and Cæcilie Mikkelsen/IWGIA
Seminar on indigenous women in Bangladesh makes it clear that there is still a lot to be done all the way from community level to the national level before men and women can enjoy equal rights

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January 29 2016

Photo: Alianza Rompiendo el Silencio y la Impunidad
IWGIA/ Pamela Leiva Jacquelín
The case of the indigenous women of Sepur Zarco, who have suffered from sexual violence, finally comes to court next week. They will be testifying against impunity. Guatemala's recent history bears the mark of a 36 year long, painful internal armed conflict, during which the State systematically violated the rights of the Mayan population. According to the Report of the Commission for the Historical Clarification of Human Rights Violations in Guatemala, 83.3...

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November 24 2015
IWGIA/ Pamela Leiva Jacquelín
The VII Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas (ECMIA) ended last week in Guatemala with a position paper and specific recommendations on the right to territory, indigenous women’s participation and the right to health with cultural belonging. Declaration of the VII Meeting After four days of intensive discussions in working groups, indigenous women from across the American continent set out their actions and challenges in specific recommendations aimed at...

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September 25 2015
The Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples Victoria Tauli-Corpuz has submitted her report to the Human Rights Council, which provides a summary of her activities since her previous report to the Council (A/HRC/27/52) and undertakes a thematic analysis of violations against indigenous women and girls. The document focuses on the broad multifaceted and complex spectrum of mutually reinforcing human rights abuses experienced by indigenous women and girls globall...

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September 21 2015
The Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas has hereby opened the nominations process for its VII Meeting. More than three hundred indigenous leaders from North, Central and South America will gather from the 16th to 19th of November in Guatemala City to take stock of the progress thusfur in the recognition of their rights. This seventh meeting shall celebrate twenty years of history for the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas, ECMIA, a network tha...

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March 12 2015

Photo: AIPP
The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), longtime partners of IWGIA, recently announced the winners of their Indigenous Voices in Asia award.

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March 8 2015

Participants sharing their experiences about VAW issues at a workshop in Kampung Agudon. Photo: SAWO
By: Annemiek Wilson / IWGIA
In honour of International Women’s Day, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight one of our partner projects, where indigenous women have taken the lead and confronted challenges facing their community. In 2013, IWGIA partnered with the Sabah Women Action Resource Group (SAWO) to address violence against women in the Northern Sabah region of Malaysia, and we have recently renewed the project.   “This is the first time that such a project is being undertaken...

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March 6 2015
A radio series interview with Kechua Lamas midwives describing the transmission of ancestral knowledge and the role they play in strengthening the cultural continuity of their people.

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March 4 2015
By: Annemiek Wilson / IWGIA
Indigenous voices have been a focal point of the Berlin International Film Festival, known as Berlinale, since 2013. The festival’s NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema series is devoted to telling the stories of indigenous peoples worldwide, and highlights a different major region every second year. This year’s festival focused on Latin America, and an indigenous story from the Pacaya volcano region in Guatemala was awarded the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize fo...

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December 16 2014

IWGIA’s partner The Samburu Womens Trust has launched a campaign to end outdated cultural practices. The campaign was launched under the banner ‘’I support my daughter" in Kipsing, Isiolo county. The objective of the campaign is to end retrogressive cultural practices like beading, Female genital Mutilation and child marriages which are rampant in the region.

See the video about the campaign here: 

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July 22 2014
More than 60 Indigenous Women from Across the World Come Together to Address their Critical Role in Combating Climate Change. At an international forum on community land and resource rights which took place 15 and 16 July, women from across the world called for inclusion of indigenous women’s perspectives and participation in the dialogue around national and international climate change adaption and mitigation policies. These recommendations to ensure women’s rights and c...

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July 16 2014
They call for all of those committed to a better future to participate in the upcoming Peoples Climate Summit to be held in Lima, parallel to the official COP20. A National Conference of Women for Climate Justice in Defense of Mother Earth signed a statement to raise struggle proposals at national and global levels. From June 17 to 19, the conference held in in Lima brought together representatives from the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations (CLOC) affiliated to the i...

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March 12 2014
The side event will be held during the 58th session of the UN Commission of the Status of Women. It will take place on Wednesday 12 March 2014 from 1:15PM to 2:45 PM. Place: UNICEF, Floor 4, Conference Room. Speakers: Bipasha Chakma Researcher, Kapaeeng Foundation Bangladesh Norma Capuyan Spokeswoman, Bai (Indigenous Women`s Federation) Philippines Chanda Thapa Regional Indigenous Women Program Coordinator, Asia Indigenous Peoples' Pact (AIPP) and in behalf of the...

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March 10 2014
In the publication “HerStory of Empowerment, Leadership and Justice” 18 indigenous women share their stories. These stories echo the realities on the ground for indigenous women and the actions of the 18 women are inspiring reflections of what can be done. In the introduction to the publication the Secretary General of AIPP, Joan Carling states: ‘The indigenous women’s voices and “her stories”, as an integral part of the women’s movement and indigenous peoples’ move...

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February 21 2014
On February 18 the International Chittagong Hill Tracts Commission (CHTC) condemned the killing of an indigenous woman in Kagrachari on February 15. The commission called upon the Government to ensure justice by providing exemplary punishment to the perpetrators. The Commission further stressed the point that the Government should undertake immediate and effective measures to stop the continued violation of basic rights of indigenous people, including right to life, in the Chittagong H...

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February 20 2014
IWGIA has joined a statement that aims to draw the attention of the Human Rights Council to the nearly 40 years of gender and ethnicity targeted sexual violence against indigenous girls and women in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

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February 4 2014
Designation believed to help strengthen dialogue between indigenous citizens and states.

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January 21 2014
The Special Rapporteur James Anaya presented his comments during the International Expert Group Meeting held in New York last week. Anaya opened the conference outlining the barriers faced by indigenous peoples in regard to the realization of their right to health, including inadequate access to health services, culturally inappropriate provision of health services and contamination of their lands and natural resources. Concerning access to health, Anaya noted that health service...

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March 8 2013
This week, indigenous women from throughout the Asia-Pacific region have gathered to raise their voices about sexual violence and multiple forms of discrimination against indigenous women and girls

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