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June 18 2012
In relation to the Rio +20 World Conference on Sustainable Development that takes place this week in Rio, AIPP’s Indigenous Women’s Programme has prepared a briefing note, in which indigenous women from the Asia-Pacific region share their key concerns and demands with respect to sustainable development. The note also inform about which Asia-Pacific indigenous women will be present in Rio, their special areas of expertise and contact info.

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June 4 2012
Indigenous pastoralist women in northern Kenya, including the Samburu women, suffer from many human rights violations as both belonging to marginalized indigenous communities and as being women who are victims to various forms of harmful traditional practices. The organization 'Samburu Women for Education & Environment Development Organization' (SWEEDO) works for the improvement of the situation of the Samburu women, and IWGIA supports them with a project addressing harmful traditio...

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May 31 2012
The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) adopted recommendations on combating violence against indigenous women and girls at its 11th session in May 2012. The recommendations were based on those from the International Expert Group Meeting on Combating Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls, held in January 2012. The group was working in response to Article 22 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: “States shall take measures, in conjunction...

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April 24 2012
For two days, April 15-16, 2012, more than 200 women representing various indigenous communities in Indonesia gathered on Doa Dukono Hill in Tobelo, North Halmahera, a regency in North Maluku, to form an organization that focuses on the country’s indigenous women’s movement — an inseparable part of the whole indigenous people’s movement to attain economic self-sufficiency, political rights, and cultural dignity. “Indigenous peoples have long been oppressed by political, le...

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April 4 2012
In the first ever National Indigenous Women Conference held in Dhaka, indigenous women leaders and representatives of indigenous women’s organisations formed a network naming Bangladesh Indigenous Women Network (BIWN) aiming at realising their rights through social, economic, political and cultural movements. The two-day national conference was organised by Kapaeeng Foundation in cooperation with Oxfam at the CBCB centre in Dhaka on 31 March and 1 April 2012 with the slogan ‘Com...

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March 16 2012
On 9 March 2012, the draft resolution entitled: "Indigenous Women: key actors in poverty and hunger eradication" (E/CN.6/2012/L.6) was adopted at the Commission on the Status of Women at its Fifty-sixth Session.

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January 20 2012
The NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY (NGO/CSW/NY), one of three women's committees of CoNGO that advocates for women's rights and gender equality, is proud to announce the 2012 NGO CSW Woman of Distinction awardee. Ms. Mirna Cunningham Kain, Chair of the UN Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues, is this year's recipient. She will be the keynote speaker at the NGO/CSW/NY Consultation Day (26 February), along with Michelle Bachelet, UN Under-Secretary General and Executive Directo...

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October 19 2011
"Under the shadow of the Guamúchil" is a documentary made during the workshop "Life Stories", by Aida Hernandez Castillo, within the Atlacholoaya Morelos prison in Mexico, between 2008 and 2009. Besides the video, which can now be watched in English, a book about the women has been published in Spanish.

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May 25 2011

Dr. Dina Siddiqi speaking at rally outside the UN (Photo: Wasfia Nazreen)
Press release

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March 7 2011
Haider Rizvi
The United States is facing international scrutiny for its apparent failure to prosecute criminals who enter indigenous territories to prey on Native women and girls. Between 60 and 80 percent of violent victimisation of Native American women is perpetrated by non-Natives, says a U.N. expert on legal matters related to women's rights violations worldwide.

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February 3 2011
The UN Human Rights Council has dispatched a senior expert to Rwanda on mission to see how the different ethnic communities live with each other – after complaints surfaced suggesting “Batwa” people are discriminated. The Council said Friday that it is sending UN Independent Expert Gay McDougall to examine the situation of the “different population groups reflecting the ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity in the country”. The expert will be in the country January 31 to...

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February 1 2011
IWGIA is happy to present the latest issue of Indigenous Affairs on Development and Customary Law, now available online.

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January 18 2011
Opening Statement of the Indigenous Peoples Caucus at the XIII Meeting of Negotiations in the Quest for Points of Consensus of the Working Group to Prepare the Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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December 4 2010
Internation Idigenous Forum on Climate Change
Press Release by International Indigenous Forum on Climate Change

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April 22 2010
The situation of the Masai population in Loliondo in Northern Tanzania continues to be very serious. Recently a large number of Maasai women have been demonstrating to show that they are very unhappy with the ongoing serious situation and the fact that their concerns are not being addressed. The authorities reacted very strongly to the peaceful demonstrations and tried to prevent them from taking place. Local NGOs were accused of being behind the demonstrations and several NGO people w...

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February 24 2010
The US based NGO Cultural Survival is appealing to Kenyan government authorities to halt police operations in Northern Kenya, where Indigenous Samburu villages have suffered brutal police attacks over the last year. In January, a delegation to Samburu East and Isiolo districts conducted in-depth interviews with victims and witnesses of police attacks in five Samburu villages between February 2009 and January 2010. They found that hundreds of Samburu women, children, elders and men suf...

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January 11 2010
BBC World News reports on the ongoing destruction of native lands in Sarawak by oil palm and logging companies and the systemic rape and abuse of Penan women and girls.

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