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Witness to Sovereignty: Essays on the Indian Movement in Latin America

Stefano Varese
This book tells the story of the 30-year period during which "indigenous sovereignty" emerged from five centuries of banishment, first as an unauthorized and unspeakable taboo and then later as a major topic of national political contention.

Varese is at once the author of this fascinating chronicle and a key player in the very process and transformations he narrates. Topics explored include denouncing repression against indigenous peoples in international fora; working on international legal instruments for indigenous rights; a pioneering land titling program for indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon; innovative bilingual-transcultural
education and "cultural worker" training in Oaxaca, plus work with transnational organizations of indigenous immigrants in California.


EUR 20.00


Publisher: IWGIA

2006 June
302 pages
ISBN: 87-91563-21-6
ISSN: 0105-4503
IWGIA doc no: 117