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Indigenous Peoples in Isolation in the Peruvian Amazon

Beatriz Huertas Castillo
This book offers a historical and anthropological perspective from which to understand the fragility of isolated indigenous groups in the face of contact with outside society. It helps us appreciate the importance, in terms of cultural and biological diversity, of safeguarding their territories for both their future and that of the human race.

Drawing on scientific and legal principles, international agreements, and primarily from the perspective of human rights, Beatriz Huertas Castillo presents solid arguments concerning the urgent need for national and international efforts to defend the territories, cultural integrity and life ways of isolated indigenous peoples.

She proposes strategic alliances between local communities, indigenous federations, the Peruvian government and international players in order to put a halt to the current "mahogany fever" in Madre de Dios that is destroying some of the last refuges of tropical hardwoods and the last strongholds of isolated indigenous peoples in Peru, and indeed the world.

The book is translated from Spanish by Elaine Bolton.


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Publisher: IWGIA

2004 June
248 pages
ISBN: 87-90730-77-1
ISSN: 0105-4503
IWGIA doc no: 100