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The Other Word: Women and Violence in Chiapas Before and After Acteal

On December 22nd 1997, 32 women and 13 men in the los Naranjos encampment for displaced people in the community of Acteal, Chiapas, Mexico, were assasinated by heavily armed men. Various human rights organisations wrote detailed reports of the massacre and different media organisations produced their analyses as well.

The voices and feelings of women that were lost among the numbers, cronologies, and political analyses of this mass of information are rescued in this book. The authors of the essays and compilers of testimonies have for more than ten years worked to repair the profound effects of such violent acts, occuring in Chiapas.


EUR 14.00


Publisher: IWGIA

2001 June
Rosalva Aída Hernández Castillo
151 pages
ISBN: 87-90730-43-7
ISSN: 0105-4503
IWGIA doc no: 103