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Eampe Punie Pajeami - The Chaco Forest and its People

The Ayoreos have lived in the Chaco forest since time immemorial. Their life, their language, and their whole culture revolve around this land. The arrival of evangelizing missions meant that the Ayoreo were drawn away from their natural habitat with the promise of a better life.

Others decided to continue their life in the bush, and they have remained in voluntary isolation, avoiding contact with the outside world. Their lifestyle decision is now being threatened by the advance of cattle farming, logging, and oil exploitation, and their territory is gradually being encroached upon and changed.

This video takes us on a journey to the heart of the Paraguayan Chaco in the company of Ayoreo elders and experts, who show us around the territory in which the Ayoreo were born, and where groups of these people wish to remain in isolation, despite a modern world that is gradually taking over.

The film also documents the work of the organization “Amotocodie Initiative” and Ayoreo leaders to protect - from a distance - the rights of groups of uncontacted Ayoreo.

Direction and script: Facundo López & Martin Ladd; Camera and photography: Facundo López; Production: Alejandro Parellada

29 minutes

Eampe Punie Pajeami - The Chaco Forest and Its... by ORE-MEDIA

EUR 10.00


Publisher: IWGIA, Iniciativa Amotocodie & Ore-Media

2010 September
0 pages