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Indigenous Affairs 2/2005 Shifting Cultivation

This issue of Indigenous Affairs focuses on the issues surrounding shifting cultivation Contents:

Editorial - by Christian Erni

Swidden Agriculture in Thailand: Myths, Realities and Challenges, by Pinkaew Laungaramsri

Seeds-songs. Reflections on Swidden Agriculture, Agro-biodiversity and Food Sovereignty, by Maruja Salas

Shifting Cultivation and Wildlife Conservation: A Debate, edited by Elisabeth Kerkhoff and Christian Erni

State Policies, Shifting Cultivation and Indigenous Peoples in Laos, by Mi Dze

Tea for Trees. The Impact of State Policies on the Akha in Yunnan, by Janet C. Sturgeon

The Privatisation of Indigenous Community Lands in Meghalaya, by A. Kyrham Nongkynrih


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Publisher: IWGIA

2005 May
Christian Erni
60 pages
ISSN: 1024-3283