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Indigenous Affairs 3/04 - The UN decade: Expectations and Realities

This issues of Indigenous Affairs assesses the impact of the UN Decade of Indigenous Peoples on indigenous peoples around the world.

Editorial - by Lola García-Alix

The UN decade on Indigenous Peoples - by Jens Dahl

The Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Future Challenges, how do we meet them?
- by Victoria Tauli Corpuz

The Indigenous Fellowship Programme at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
- by Pernille Kramp

Indigenous Fellowship programme: A Personal Account - by Nicole (Migizikwe) Hetu

The Colombian Indigenous Movement: A Lost decade and the End of Mobilization - by Efrain Jaramillo

The Rise of Indigenous Peoples Civil Society in Africa 1994-2004 - by Nigel Crawhall


EUR 3.50

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Publisher: IWGIA

2004 October
Lola García-Alix
48 pages
ISSN: 1024-3283