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The Indigenous World 2012

Available as book and CD.

In 61 country reports and 12 reports on international processes, The Indigenous World 2012 gives a comprehensive update on the current situation of indigenous peoples and their human rights, and reports on the most important developments in international processes of relevance to indigenous peoples during 2011.

The majority of the country reports document how the escalating momentum of the extractive industries is seriously threatening indigenous peoples’ lives, livelihoods and cultures worldwide. They also reflect the importance given to discussions over indigenous peoples’ right to participate in decision-making processes.

On the international agenda, special focus was on the states’ duty to consult indigenous peoples in order to seek their free, prior and informed consent when issues that will affect their lives and future are planned, and on defining best practices and modalities for participation and consultation processes that comply with indigenous peoples’ rights.

The yearbook produced by the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs in collaboration with indigenous and non indigenous scholars and activists is an essential source of information and an indispensable tool for those who need to be informed about the most recent issues and developments that have impacted on indigenous peoples worldwide.


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Publisher: IWGIA

2012 May 10
Cæcilie Mikkelsen
591 pages
ISBN: 978-87-92786-15-9
ISSN: 1024-0217