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Indigenous Affairs 2/01 - Militarization

The attempts by indigenous peoples to assert their unique identity and rights to self-determination often results in military repression and persecution. This issue of Indigenous Affairs examines these problems on a global scale. Out of print!


Militarization and Human Rights Violations
by Marianne Jensen

Stories of the Voiceless
by Aküm Longchari

Militarization and the Chittagong Hill Tracts
by Chandra Roy

Militarization in the Cordillera Region, The Philippines
by Joan Carling and Benedict Solang

Prison, Torture and murder in Jayapura
by Oswald Iten

High Noon in West Papua
Tensions grow in Indonesia's easternmost province
by Oswald Iten

Millenarian Expectations and the Dreary Realities of Life under Indonesian Occupation in West Papua
by Danilo Geiger

The Kwajalein Atoll and the New Arms Race
The US anti-ballistic Weapons system and consequenses for the Marshall Islands of the Pacific

USA's National Missile Defence Threatens Greenland's Exiles
By Aqqaluk Lynge

Human Rights in the Gambela National State
by Nykiaw Abula Ochalla

The War Games Victims
by Johnson Ole Kaunga

Autonomy in Chiapas, Mexico

We want to be both Indigenous and Mexican
Message from the national Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN)

Autonomy Strengthens Democracy
Responses from Adelfo Regiono Montes...

The Peace Process in Chiapas has suffered a new setback
International Peace Service - SIPAZ


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Publisher: IWGIA

2001 July
Marianne Wiben Jensen
72 pages
ISSN: 1024-3283