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A study on the socio-economic status of indigenous peoples in Nepal

Study team: Dr. Chaitanya Subba, Pro. Dr. Bishwamber Pyakuryal, Mr. Tunga Shiromani Bastola, Mr. Mohan Khajum Subba, Mr. Nirmal Kumar Raut, Mr. Baburam Karki
The present study aims to assess the poverty levels of the various indigenous groups in Nepal. It was developed to address the lack of existing disaggregated data and statistics on the socio-economic status of Nepal’s many indigenous groups. By presenting data on a broad set of socio-economic indicators for the many indigenous groups in Nepal and comparing this with data on other major caste and ethnic
groups, the study analyzes each indigenous group’s quality of life, poverty level, and the extent to which each group is benefiting from the country’s existing development schemes.

The ultimate goal is to provide a reference point for the development of more inclusive laws, policies, and programs that effectively identify and address the needs of Nepal’s indigenous peoples.


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2014 May
292 pages
ISBN: 993728861-4