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The Unspoken Vice in Samburu Community

The Samburu are a Nilotic community who reside in Northern Kenya. One cultural practice among the Samburu community is Girl-Child Beading. This practice sanctions a non-marital sexual relationship between Samburu men in the ‘warrior’ age group and young Samburu girls (usually between the ages of 9-15 years) who are not yet eligible for marriage. The practice has been in the community for centuries and is associated with a number of human rights violations.

This Research Report offers an account of the positive and negative impacts this practice has on indigenous Samburu girls in different communities and a detailed analysis of the legal framework in Kenya for addressing Harmful Cultural Practices. The Report also includes suggested strategies and recommendations to tackle the negative effects Girl-Child Beading have on Samburu girls’ lives.


Download the Research Report here

Publisher: Samburu Women Trust (SWT), KIOS Foundation & IWGIA

2016 April
41 pages