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Briefing note: Survival of the pastoralists in Morogoro Region in Tanzania under threat

Forced evictions and confiscations of cattle threaten the survival of pastoralists in the Morogoro Region in the eastern part of Tanzania.

Livestock and food have been confiscated, livestock kraals have been burned, and pastoralists – including women and children - have been arbitrary arrested and brutally forced out of their homes and lands, including their legally registered village lands.

Civil society organisations and media have been forbidden to investigate the situation in Morogoro Region by the Morogoro regional authorities. Local pastoralist groups report an increasing number of human rights violations in the region:

• Killing of more than four Maasais
• Arbitrary arrests with more than 60 pastoralists held in custody without charges and no access to legal support
• Systematically dispossessions of pastoralists’ livestock.

On this background, IWGIA lanches an urgent alert to higlight the critical situation in Morogoro. IWGIA urges the international community to intervene and the authorities in Tanzania to stop the eviction and to hold responsible those who have attacked pastoralists, seized and killed livestock, killed pastoralists and fueled ethnically based hatred.

IWGIA has shared the urgent alert on the situation in Tanzania with embassies, human rights institutes, media and civil society with the aim of putting pressure on the Tanzanian government to stop the evictions. The urgent alert is based on eyewitness reports from local sources and information by regional experts.