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: Recommendations for the Full Respect of their Human Rights

Prepared by the Rapporteurship on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Inter-America Commission on Human Rights

This Report presents a general introduction to the human rights situation of indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation and initial contact in the Americas. It also compiles the main sources of law from the inter-American and universal human rights systems for their protection, identifies the threats to the full enjoyment of their human rights, and makes a series of recommendations to the member States of the Organization of American States.

This report was prepared with input obtained from various sources, including States, indigenous and civil society organizations, and experts and approved by the Inter-American Cpmmission on Human Rights on December 30, 2013.

OAS Official Document. Elaborated with the financial support of IWGIA - 2014 July

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This book offers a detailed insight into the situation of indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation in South America. It looks into the threats and challenges that indigenous peoples face and offers a rich source of demographic and ethnographic information regarding indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation and initial contact.

2013 June

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This video takes us on a journey to the heart of the Paraguayan Chaco in the company of Ayoreo elders and experts who show us around the territory where groups of ayoreo people wish to remain in isolation, despite a modern world that is gradually taking over.

IWGIA, Iniciativa Amotocodie & Ore-Media - 2010 September

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Unión de Nativos Ayoreo de Paraguay, Iniciativa Amotocodie
This IWGIA Report documents the injustices experienced by the indigenous Ayoreo people in Paraguay, who have lost much of their ancestral lands to ranching, illegal sale of land and extractive industries - a development that threatens the physical and cultural survival of the groups of Ayoreos still living in voluntary isolation.

IWGIA, UNAP, IA - - 2010 May

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Beatriz Huertas Castillo
This book offers a historical and anthropological perspective from which to understand the fragility of isolated indigenous groups in the face of contact with outside society. It helps us appreciate the importance, in terms of cultural and biological diversity, of safeguarding their territories for both their future and that of the human race.

IWGIA - 2004 June

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