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This report is the result of a monitoring visit to assess IWGIA’s support to promoting and defending indigenous peoples’ rights in the new constitution and beyond.

Indigenous peoples in Nepal, known as adivasi janajati, have for centuries experienced systematic discrimination and marginalisation both socially, culturally, politically and economically. The chance to right the historical wrongs came when Nepal embarked upon a constitution drafting and state restructuring process in 2008.

IWGIA - 2014 June

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The manual is designed as a training tool for indigenous rights activists in Africa. It is also intended to be a practical instrument for use in the training of judicial officers, lawyers, media activists and government officials on indigenous rights in Africa. The full use of this manual will only be realized if it is used to enhance the capacity of indigenous groups to constructively and sustainably engage with the African human rights system.

ACHPR amd IWGIA - 2012 December

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This publication gives an overview of the presentations made at the regional sensitization seminar organized by the African Commission’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities in the republic of Congo on 22 to 25 August 2011. One of the objectives of the seminar was to inform key stakeholders from East and Central Africa on the African Commission’s approach to promoting the rights of indigenous peoples.

African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights and IWGIA - 2012 December

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The report gives an account of meetings held with government authorities, civil society organizations, indigenous communities and other stakeholders. It describes the situation of the indigenous populations in the Republic of Rwanda and it makes recommendations to the Government, civil society organizations and the international community.

ACHPR and IWGIA - 2010 November

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This report documents the experiences of the Danish support programme for indigenous peoples in Bolivia. The programme came to an end 31 December 2009 after 10 years in operation.The aim of the programme was for indigenous peoples to "obtain full exercise of their economic, political, social and cultural rights". This publication presents an analysis of the process and the programmes overall results particularly over the last five years.

DANIDA and IWGIA - 2010 November

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"Building dignity" is a chronicle of the Bolivian constitutional process. It offers a complete panorama of the voices that attract, repel and complement each other within Bolivia.

IWGIA, ORE Media - 2010 March

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The theme for this edition of Indigenous Affairs is the first year of Evo Morales' presidency.

IWGIA - 2007 June

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Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA)
This volume presents the result of research on indigenous peoples' participation in local government in two Southeast Asian countries: the Philippines and Malaysia. The book compiles existing legislation affecting indigenous participation in local government in the two countries, and looks at concrete experiences with local governments.

PACOS Trust, Center for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC) & Anthrowatch - 2005 June

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The indigenous peoples of the Arctic have achieved some of the most comprehensive self-government arrangements in the world. These are reflected upon in this collection of articles, based on discussions between indigenous peoples in Russia and other parts of the Circumpolar North.

IWGIA - 2005 January

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Lola García-Alix
A handbook on the nature of the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples and a guide for indigenous peoples on how to use this body.

IWGIA - 2003 June

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This issue of Indigenous Affairs focuses on the results achieved through indigenous peoples' participation within international bodies and processes.

IWGIA - 2002 April

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This issue of Indigenous Affairs focuses on issues of sustainable development and indigenous peoples. It seeks to give an overview of the World Summit on Sustainable Development process, the input to the process provided by indigenous peoples so far, and to present concrete case studies relating to sustainable development and the problems faced by indigenous peoples around the world on these issues.

IWGIA - 2002 February

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This book gives an impression of and some ideas and inspiration on the issue of involvement of indigenous peoples in national politics. It may be seen as the beginning of a process that will hopefully lead to further discussion and co-operation within the regions but also at an interregional level.

IWGIA - 2001 January

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The Nunavut story told in this book by authors who have all been involved with Nunavut and Inuit politics for a very long time is an important one for indigenous peoples around the world and for anyone interested in indigenous issues.
Stressing the political dynamics of the beginning of Nunavut's autonomous life, the authors provide a clear and accurate account of a remarkable political process.

IWGIA - 2000 June

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John B. Henriksen
The goal of this book is to create a basis for initial concrete evaluations of the question of establishing a joint political body for the Saami Parliaments elected by the Saami people in the three Nordic countries.

Nordic Sámi Institute & IWGIA - 1999 April

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When the United Nations approved the Study on Treaties, Agreements and other Constructive Arrangements between States and Indigenous Peoples in May 1989, Treaty Six Chiefs invited the Special Rapporteur, Miguel Alfonso Martínez, to attend an Elders and Treaty Six Chiefs' meeting.

IWGIA - 1997 April

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