Indigenous peoples in Bolivia

According to the 2001 National Census, 62% of the Bolivian population aged 15 or over is of indigenous origin.

There are 36 recognised indigenous peoples in Bolivia, the largest groups being the Quechua (49.5%) and the Aymara (40.6%), who live in the western Andes. The Chiquitano (3.6%), Guaraní (2.5%) and Moxeño (1.4%) peoples correspond, along with the remaining 2.4%, to the 31 indigenous peoples that live in the lowlands in the east of the country.

The indigenous peoples have more than 11 million hectares of land consolidated as collective property under the legal concept of Native Community Lands (Tierras Comunitarias de Origen - TCO).

Bolivia signed ILO Convention 169 in 1991. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was approved on 7 November 2007, by means of Law No. 3760.

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