An Indigenous Parliament? Realities and Perspectives in Russia and the Circumpolar North

Publisher: IWGIA & RAIPON
Author: Edtior: Kathrin Wessendorf
Number of pages: 225
ISBN number: 87-91563-10-0
ISSN number: 0105-4503
Publication language: English
Country publication is about: Russia, Rusia, United States of America, Estados Unidos
Region publication is about: Arctic, Ártico
Release year: 2005
Release month / day: jan-05

Tags: Global governance, Human rights

The indigenous peoples of the Arctic have achieved some of the most comprehensive self-government arrangements in the world. These are reflected upon in this collection of articles, based on discussions between indigenous peoples in Russia and other parts of the Circumpolar North. Decision-making and political participation are of major concern for indigenous peoples in all parts of the Circumpolar North. There are many positive examples of indigenous political institutions, land claims and self-government agreements in the region, and indigenous peoples have recognised that they can learn from each other. Over the past decade, indigenous peoples in Russia have attempted to gain rights and influence over political decisions concerning their lands and lives. In some provinces of the Russian Federation, they have achieved a certain level of influence over - and an advisory role in - political institutions. And yet in others, they remain voiceless. This volume includes a number of articles on the legal situation of indigenous peoples in Russia and on their political participation at federal and provincial level, along with case studies from Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland and Sápmi. This book was first published jointly by RAIPON and IWGIA in Russian in 2003.

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