Training manual on Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in REDD+ for indigenous peoples

Publisher: IWGIA and AIPP
ISBN number: 978 87 92786 21 0
Release year: 2012

Tags: Global governance, Climate

This manual aims to build the capacities of the indigenous peoples, networks and organizations to advocate and work for the effective implementation of FPIC for indigenous peoples in the activities and projects relating to REDD+. In particular, the objective of this manual is to equip indigenous peoples with the knowledge and understanding of FPIC and REDD+; and to provide a general guide to communities on the application of FPIC in REDD+ activities in upholding their rights, interests and welfare. Since the social and political environment in each country and locality varies, the use of this manual can be adjusted and customized to better fit the needs and other specific considerations of both the trainers and trainees. Like previous manuals, this manual on FPIC in REDD+ also intends to strengthen the capacities of indigenous communities to decide on whether they would like to engage in REDD+ or not. It includes a section on engagement in REDD+ for the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples for the protection of their rights in REDD+ processes at different levels. After understanding the basic concepts of REDD+ and FPIC, indigenous peoples will be able to take decisions by themselves on REDD+ either to withhold consent or accept REDD+ implementation in their territories based on their own terms and conditions. This manual provides some practical guidelines on how to organize the consultation process; how to access information related to REDD+; how to select IP representatives at national and community levels; how to conduct Free, Prior and Informed Consent; how to conduct independent and collective deliberation for collective decision making process; and how to ensure a grievance mechanism in REDD+ Target group This manual is targeted for indigenous leaders, members of IP organizations and communities, activists, and advocates in general. It is particularly intended for indigenous educators, trainers and facilitators working with indigenous organizations and communities, especially those to be affected by REDD+. Since this is an advanced training manual, trainees or users shall have familiarity with REDD+ and indigenous peoples rights in general. At the minimum, they should have read or gone through the manual on What is REDD+ and What to do with REDD+. It is also expected that the resource persons using this manual will already be knowledgeable and experienced in training approaches and facilitation skills. Contents The manual has 3 modules. The first is focused on basic information and understanding of REDD+, including key developments on REDD+ at the international level. The second relates to providing the knowledge and understanding of FPIC and the application of FPIC; and the third provides a community guide on how to conduct FPIC and also to ensure the implementation of FPIC in REDD+ Training is intended for 4 consecutive days.
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