• Indigenous peoples in Brazil

    Indigenous peoples in Brazil

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    Our partnerships with local organisations engage and empower indigenous peoples. We support network building and knowledge sharing. We provide financial support and capacity development to indigenous peoples’ organisations and institutions.
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    We advocate for indigenous peoples rights at the local, national, regional and international level. The aim is to bridge the gap between international declarations and principles and local legislation and policy processes.
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Brazil: Over a million people sign petition against the Belo Monte Dam

Some 1.3 million people signed a petition calling for an end to the construction of Brazil’s massive Belo Monte dam in the Amazon. A delegation of Brazilian celebrities and activists delivered the petition Tuesday to the country’s President Dilma Rousseff and called — yet again — for the immediate suspension of the controversial hydroelectric dam in Para state, located in Brazil’s north...

New IWGIA Report on isolated indigenous peoples in Brazil

Recently, IWGIA has released the report “Isolados no Brasil”. The publication presents the current knowledge about the indigenous peoples in the Brazilian Amazon who live in isolation or have only sporadic contact with surrounding communities. Moreover, the report recommends a number of immediate measures to protect these indigenous peoples’ survival.

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Take Action: Indigenous peoples in Brazil threatened by eviction

Around 250 Guarani-Kaiowa Indigneous people are at risk of eviction from ancestral lands they recently occupied in the Brazilian midwest. If evicted they will be forced to live in precarious conditions by the side of a highway. On 25 November 2009, the Guarani-Kaiowa community of Kurussú Ambá, reoccupied a small part of their ancestral lands on farmlands by the Rio Verde river in the midwestern Brazilian municipality of Coronel Sapucaia. Until then, they had been encamped by the side of the MS-289 highway. On 10 March, a local judge issued an eviction order. Lawyers working on behalf of the Indigenous community lodged an appeal against the decision in the Regional Federal Court, but this appeal has not yet been heard. The Guarani-Kaiowa community of Kurussú Ambá could be evicted at any time


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IWGIA's global report, the Indigenous World, provides an update of the current situation for indigenous peoples worldwide. Download here.

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