UTIMUT: Past Heritage - Future Partnerships - Discussions on Repatriation in the 21st Century

Publisher: IWGIA / NKA
Author: Editors: Mille Gabriel & Jens Dahl
Number of pages: 216
ISBN number: 978-87-91563-45-4
ISSN number: 0105-4503
Publication language: English
Country publication is about: Greenland, Groenlandia
Region publication is about: Arctic, Ártico
Financially supported by: The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Greenland National Museum & Archives
Release year: 2008
Release month / day: sep-08

Tags: Human rights

More than ever before, ethnic groups, peoples and nations are fighting to regain control of their lost cultural heritqge and ancestral human remains and this raises questions as to the Western museums' ownership of their foreign collections. This book, however, identifies a need to move beyond discussions of ownership, power and control in favour of exploring new kinds of partnerships between museums and the peoples or countries of origin, partnerships based on equitability and reconciliation. The authors explore a wide variety of different cooperative approaches such as knowledge sharing, capacity building, and physical as well as virtual repatriation. Mille Gabriel: Archaeologist and PhD. Candidate in Anthropology with expertise in the repatriation of cultural property to indigenous peoples. Research Associate, SILA - the Greenland Research Centre at the National Museum of Denmark. In 2007 she assisted the Greenland National Museum & Archives to organize a Conference on Repatriation of Cultural Heritage, from which the content of this book derives. Jens Dahl: Anthropologist. Adjunct Professor, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Center for Comaparative Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. Former Director of IWGIA.

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